"The World would be a better place, if everyone heard Rajesh Murthy" Mr. GM.C. Balayogi (Late) - Lok Sabha Speaker. " One of the finest speakers I've' ever come across. He has a rare gift bestowed upon him " - Shri. M. V.V.S Murthy - Former Member of Parliament and TDP - Vice President."

"He came and, swept away all my employees off their feet. "WoW', What a training Program?" - Mr. N. Chandramouli - CEO - Kothari Sugar' and Petrochemicals, Chennai.

"I have attended the workshop twice and have recommended it to my entire BSNL empire. You can't afford to miss this one"- Mr. C.K. Radha krishnan - PGM - BSNL - Kerala Circle.

"I know him well for the last 5 years. Rajesh Murthy is a phenomenon that cannot be described. He has to be experienced" - Mr. Mubarak Ahmed - Karnataka State Secretariat - Bangalore

"I had the opportunity to take this program 8 years ago. It has been & still is one of the finest workshops I've ever attended" - Mr. Nay Kumar Singh - Additional commissioner of Income Tax - Mumbai.

''It is not what it will cost you to do the workshop; it is what it will cost you not to do it" Dr. Chadalavada Sahasranam - PhD, SSIT - Tumkur - Karnataka.

"My speaking skills were fine tuned, refined and polished during the long association with LEADERS workshop and follow up Clubs" - Phalgulna Rao -Student - Hyderabad - Guinness Record Holder for the longest non-stop-speech.