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Do you often get in your own way?

Which one are you?

‘Talented but Stuck’ Professional

“I KNOW what to do to get results, but I cannot MAKE myself do it, and I want to figure out a way around it.”

‘Driven but stressed out professional

“I am a ‘Driven workaholic ‘and I give the best to my job, but I end up tired and stressed out and want a way out.”

Do you often get in your own way?

Which category do you relate to?

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Our membership programs

Level 1 – Our first low- ticket Mastermind

Can I Really Stop Getting In My Own Way?
– Duration 12 Weeks

Level 2* - Our next mid- ticket Coaching

‘The Obstacle Is the Way’
– Duration 12 weeks

Level 3* - Our high-ticket Inner Circle

Hyper focus – Where The Path Becomes Possible
– Duration 12 Weeks

*No Direct entry to Level 2 or 3. One needs to first graduate from Level 1 & Level 2.


“Rajesh, you have greatness in you and possess a rare gift to turn people and organizations around” 

– Les Brown


The Only Thing Standing Between You And A Vibrant, More Abundant Life Is … YOU!

2.5 Million People Have Heard And Benefitted From Rajesh Murthy’s Talks Globally.

Workshop Attendees

Discover How To Move Beyond Limitations And Start Experiencing Life As You Were Meant To Live It!


Category 1 - "I KNOW what to do, but I cannot MAKE myself do it"
Category 2 - "I am a driven workaholic, I give my best to the job, but end up tired & stressed out"