Rajesh Murthy

Are You A ‘Driven But Stressed-Out’ Professional?

“I help ‘driven professionals’ who give so much of themselves to their work, that they end up tired & stressed out and hardly have any energy left for people in their lives and want to figure out a way around it, like I did”

Do you know anyone who feels, “I hate being a workaholic and I feel totally spent at the end of each day? I want to stop relying on caffeine and stimulants to keep me going and want to do something about it” –

PS.: Again, not a cheap date. This is for someone who ‘really wants to know, how they can be productive but not stressed out’.

Do take the test. Don’t worry, taking the test doesn’t commit you to anything. The test will automatically de-select the wrong ones and help the right ones to self – select themselves.