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Effective Time Management – There’s no such thing!

Time is amazing… you spend it, and it multiplies… you invest it, and it intensifies… and you ignore it… it passes you by…
Doug Firebaugh

At the epicenter– Arun Sharma, IT Manager, A Big Business IT Firm, Mumbai

Program attended– Profits, Productivity, and Performance – P3, April 2013.

Breakdown – “Arun, we don’t want to see you working here the next month, I don’t worry how long you’ve been with us. No results, No show? Then don’t show up, shrieked the Associate Vice President pounding on his large maple wood desk. 

The Untold Story – 25 Years ago – “This is the third time you’re late to school in these ten days,” rebuked his teacher. The school van driver left without picking me up again, a young Arun Sharma replied in a lifeless voice, much to the merriment of the class… 

On the one hand, Arun’s brilliance, intelligence, wit, creativity, and spontaneity, used to be the talk of the school. On the flip side, projects, exam answer sheets, and deadlines were usually dealt with only in the nth minute but to perfection, placing enormous stress on the young Arun. And this fixed, predictable way of being, continued till his post-graduation. Arun was consistently inconsistent.

The past often foretells the future. What you have done in the past is usually a good predictor of future conduct!

Arun today, 44, a pre-diabetic, hypertensive, seems to be in a race to lose the remaining hair on his head faster than his contemporaries. At home, his wife often accused him of unleashing the office stress at home, particularly on the kids. The crushing stress at the office in the week usually baked his brain, and instead of being fired up, he felt fried up!


Arun, “Do you know the crime that bankrupts men and businesses is that of turning aside from one’s main purpose to serve a job here and there,” I opened. 

Interestingly, human beings have two incredible abilities. First, they are crystal clear about what they want. Secondly, they surprisingly completely put off pursuing it!, I said, much to his surprise.

“You may delay, but time will not” – Benjamin Franklin.

You cannot, in reality, manage Time nor anyway control Time. Time Management is not really about managing Time at all; its all about managing your attention, choices, and your energy! – I said much to his bewilderment.

Recognize it Arun; I purposefully stated, “a man could be very industrious, yet not spend his time well!”

Either you run the day or the day runs you. Most people get through the day; successful people get from the day. Getting from and getting by isn’t the same. A state of ‘Being’ and ‘Doing’ isn’t the same. It is like someone wishing you a Happy New Year. It doesn’t quite make sense, isn’t it? How can the year be new, unless you are NEW in the New Year?!

A lot of people don’t do well in life simply because they major in minor things. They are also addicted to urgency and are dependent on the rush, excitement, and dopamine to hit them each Time. 

By spending 80% of Your Time on the emergencies now, you don’t contribute to the true priorities of the organization and don’t produce much. We work and live by default, dealing with whatever comes along the way here and there, and instead of ‘living by design,’ we shortchange our ‘main purpose.’


The art of true greatness lies in knowing what to ignore. Knowing what to overlook and what to focus on – can quickly place you in the upper echelons of your industry.

Arun, implement this 6 step process to create any breakthrough in a surprisingly short span of Time. Break the time barrier. Time taken is often nothing more than the confinement and deception; the mind plays with you.

  1. Learn to discriminate between the important and urgent. Stop responding to the urgent unless you want your productivity to take a hit… 
  2. Don’t be a victim of circumstances. Refuse to settle for ordinary life anymore. Remember, every life has the potential to be lived profoundly…
  3. Focus on things that give you exponential ROI (Return on Investment) and leveraged ROTI (Return on the Time invested)…
  4. Where ever you are, Be there
  5. ……………….
  6. …………

Remember, Arun. The solution is not in learning how to do everything more efficiently but in learning to do less but more effectively.

And learn to delegate things. Remember, if you don’t delegate, you stagnate!

Time can either serve as your master or your slave. The choice is yours…

“No matter what you have done to this moment, you get 24 brand-new hours to spend every single day.”
Brian Tracy

Breakthrough Moment – Arun Sharma, today six years later, has changed his job twice and currently heads a bank that ranks amongst the top 5 banks globally as their Associate Vice President – IT Operations, Asia Pacific region. But his most significant win is in his ability to strike a balance in his family, emotional, physical, and spiritual life by not letting the things that matter the most to him, go to the mercy of things that matter the least.

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Legends used in the Blog are described here for the easy comprehension of the reader.

At the Epicenter– Being at a point, directly above the true center of disturbance in life.

Breakdown – Current challenge in life confronted with, with no end in sight.

The Untold Story – The story behind the story that their world around isn’t aware of.

UNCOMPLICATE – Powerful distinctions provided by the coach, resulting in an immediate shift in behavior or action.

Breakthrough – The present triumphant moment of the person who had a breakdown.  

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