Rajesh Murthy

Our Top SIX Public Programs

The LEADERS Workshop®(Our Flagship Program)

An Intensive Self – development Program for ages 18 & above

The ‘LEADERS Workshop’ is our scientifically designed, practical, interactive and result-oriented program that individuals from every imaginable walk of life & background have been through since 1997.

A Four Day Workshop that bridges the gap between what you are and what you could be!

The workshop is all about bringing immediate transformation, applying ground-breaking distinctions and technology to clear the restrictions the past has imposed on us and designing a compelling future.

The ‘Breakthroughs’ that one derives is nothing short of a miracle. The intention of the program is to help you lead an extraordinary life, a life of endless possibilities.

Some of the immediate takeaways from the workshop would be-

  •  Generate a larger than life vision of yourself. Learn to translate that vision into reality
  •  Have new perspective to life, career and disregard habitual ways of thinking that get us no where
  •  Have new clarity, power and velocity to produce tangible results in a short time by breaking the time barrier!
  •  Immerse yourself fully in the ‘Now’ experience
  •  Discover the joys of ‘Being & Doing’ vs. ‘Having’
  •  Design a compelling life, a life you were meant to live
  •  Work on strengthening the pivotal areas of your life – Family, Work, Health, and Relationships by seeing them in a totally new view as never thought of before.
  •  Permanently shift the way and possibility to live joyously, powerfully forever.
There is hardly any area of life that the 4 – day LEADERS WORKSHOP® leaves untouched. Few powerful areas that gets the most attention in the program are –
  •  Human Relationships
  •  Career 
  •  Business
  •  Health
  •  Finances
  •  Social life
  •  Spiritual life
  •  Communication
  •  Public Speaking Mastery
  •  Memory & Mind Management
  •  Using both sides of the Brain
  •  Assertiveness Training
  •  Time Mastery
  •  Dream Building
  •  Managing Stress without Distress
  •  Level 5 Leadership
  •  Leaving a Legacy
  •  Living a life of honor and much more…

The Ultimate Speakers Academy

  •  What can you do, so that you’ll never find yourself at a loss of words again?
  •  The little known, but powerful method of “attacking and confessing” and how it can help demolish the negative barriers of communication.
  •  How to get your point across quickly and effectively almost every time.
  • Learn why most ‘good’ speakers don’t make any impact.
  •  The 6-7-step formula to create the most magnificent speech every time.
  •  Develop fluency/ clarity of expression.
  •  Develop your voice, and make the talk to inform, convince and get action.
  •  Overcome the fear of Audience.
  •  Learn how to capture the attention of anyone you speak almost instantly and much more…

The Unstoppable Networker

With his deep rooted understanding of the Networking Industry or Interactive Distribution for over two decades and making it to the pinnacle there, it make it an obvious choice for most companies in the Interactive Distribution space to naturally think of Rajesh Murthy as the Go To -> Person when it comes to a needing an high – octane event for their teams.

  •  Marketing and Distribution Paradigms
  •  Your desire to obtain Freedom
  •  Your personal and professional Time
  •  Make rejection of your ally instead of your enemy
  •  Reinforce self –sufficiency rather than dependency
  •  Maintain enthusiasm in spite of inevitable setbacks
  •  Win through integrity rather than exaggeration
  •  Stay focused A.Midst all the distractions
  •  Overcome your reluctance to offer a quality lifestyle to family and friends
  •  Avoiding the pitfalls of counterproductive meetings
  •  Recruit and train your own people instead of depending on others
  •  How to capitalize your business without money
  •  Understanding the dynamics of duplication
  •  Maintaining the magic
  •  Realize that you’re closer than you think
  •  The nine key virtues of Successful marketers
  •  The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t.
  •  Commitment and company loyalty
  •  Choosing the right people and Training
  •  Office Organization, Business sense and money
  •  Networking ethics, Problem distributors …
  •  Will you make it?!

Managing Stress Without Distress

The so-called ‘modern age’ is the era of liberation and progress… life has become easy due to a plethora of conveniences and luxuries, but the other side of the picture is bleak…fast food consumption, sedentary habits, smoking and external factors like pollution and chemical exposure have led to a volcanic explosion in various lifestyle-related diseases and chronic problems leading to a steady deterioration in the well – being quotient of the people. There are reports everywhere on mounting illness and declining quality of life.

In order to counter these issues and help restore optimal health, we offer you a world-class, time-tested workshop that can help you have outstanding health and wellness that is uncommon and unheard of in the outside world.

Program Objectives:
  •  Optimal Health
  •  Outstanding Health and Wellness
  •  Peak Performance Health 24x7x365
  •  Inject Enthusiasm in the workplace
  •  Work Hard, Play Harder

Topic Scope

  •  Measure your Level of Stress and identify all the factors that are producing stress in you and nullify them
  •  Do this – instantly relax and get rejuvenated
  •  Stress, worry & anxiety have nothing to do with the mind! Our mental state is not controlled by our mind. Discover how?
  •  Tiredness, boredom and experiencing fatigue are all ‘lies’. Discover why?
  •  Eliminate negative thinking, limiting habits from your system.
  •  Overcome any fear/phobia, feelings of insecurity instantly
  •  Learn two simple yet powerful relaxation techniques that you can practice anywhere, anytime to power you up instantly.
  •  The major reason for lack of energy might the low – octane fuel we might be pumping into our bodies, everyday. Avoid it.
  •  Experience new freedom from pressure, tension, depression and worries
  •  Uncovered – Myths about sleep. How we have conditioned ourselves the wrong way.
  •  The Secret to limitless energy
  •  The 6 enemies to avoid
  •  Little known reasons for taking care of your body
  •  The 10 Step workout and more….

Additional takeaways

Emotional Health – The mind, will, and emotions
Physical Health – Nutrition, Spiritual Health

The World’s Best Train The Trainer Program

Be a superstar of the speaking world.
“The ability to speak is a shortcut to distinction. It puts a person in the limelight, raises one head and shoulders above the crowd. And the person who can speak acceptably is usually given credit for an ability out of all proportion to what he or she possesses.” ― Dale Carnegie
Welcome to the insanely Profitable World of Training

If you possess a unique talent or passion that can be of value to the world, then you qualify to reap in the enormous profits in the training ring. Whether you decide to go into training part-time or full-time, the good news is that you can become part of this profitable business.

Money is there in significant numbers; besides, recognition & fame await you. Yes, the seminar business has its stars too. By choosing to become a trainer par excellence, you will gain attention, respect, and recognition from others. By positioning yourself as an expert in your field, you will become the guru that others begin to admire.

The biggest reward you will reap from the training business occurs on a deeper level. What you will become in the process would be far greater than what you will ever receive. All of us have the capacity to fulfill a deeper purpose, to make a contribution to this world, and to help others enjoy a better life. The training profession offers a direct way to share a part of yourself and to influence the lives of untold many in a positive manner.

Significant Breakthroughs you will create at the end of the World’s Best Train the Trainer Program.
  •  Understanding your seminar market
  •  Designing a money-making event
  •  Myths about training
  •  Connecting with your audience at different levels
  •  How to choose a topic that hits home each time
  •  Creating take away handouts for your audience. How much is good enough?
  •  Where to look for content?
  •  Creating the most valuable seminar material
  •  Digitizing your content & E-learning.
  •  Setting your training fee and being unapologetic about it
  •  Tapping the power of In – House training programs
  •  When and how to do Public/ Open House Workshops?
  •  Training – A Part-Time or Full-Time Career?
  •  How to start making money today with what you know?
  •  Free or No Fee program? Offering your programs with pride.
  •  Direct Workshop or a Preview Seminar?
  •  Intro Video & demo material?
  •  The single most powerful tool to become a trainer. Until you do this, nothing else matters.
  •  How to double your profits in a single event?
  •  Splashing your name, face, and voice across the world.
  •  Social Media – How to leverage the power of it.
  •  How much marketing and promotion do you need?
  •  Arriving at a social media, branding, and promotion budget.
  •  IASB, NSA and other Speaker Bureaus – What promise do they hold for you
  •  Being a certified trainer – is it necessary at all?
  •  Working with a seminar company. Does it make sense?
  •  How do I discover my niche area?
  •  Micro specialization – The need of the hour now
  •  Exploit the media for free and get paid for it
  •  Your website – your identity- What should it contain?
  •  Single powerhouse trainer or a training organization
  •  Registering your training company
  •  Paying taxes and dealing with overheads
  •  How to have a full calendar?
  •  Managing finances – Creating a personal lifestyle that inspires others to listen to you.
  •  Managing debts and running expenses
  •  Balancing your family time and me-time
  •  Who will get you out of your breakdowns?
  •  Allowing the world to see your true intentions.
  •  Making a real difference. Leaving a legacy.
  •  A Life worth living
It’s Show Time. You are ON!

The Young Leaders ® Workshop

Make Your Teenager Invincible

It’s not just academics that’s important, preparing your child for Life is. Rajesh Murthy Training Systems presents – a personal excellence program exclusively designed for achieving success in school and other important areas of life.


“There are no attention deficit students.There are only ineffective teaching

methodologies that cannot grab the attention of the child!”


The ‘Breakthroughs’ that every teen derives is nothing short of a miracle at the end of the training cycle.

The skillset your teen would acquire in terms of communication, self – image, a broader vision of life and academic performance would be commendable at the end of the training program. The intention of the program is to help him/ her lead an extra ordinary life, a life of endless possibilities.

Training Objectives
  •  Empower your teen to effectively communicate, present ideas and thoughts assertively.
  •  Develop success ATTITUDES; teens eventually succeed primarily because of their attitude and people skills.
  •  Help your teen gain absolute confidence in conversing with faculty, classmates and the world outside without holding back. Help him/her become unstoppable
  •  Set Goals, achieve and exceed them.
  •  To become more effective in academic, social and personal Life.
  •  Allow us to coach your teen become a caring, strong and a responsible individual; one with character and integrity.
Training scope and areas covered

Day 1 beginning

  •  Basic Communication
  •  Effective Story Telling
  •  Developing conversational Abilities
  •  Develop fluency/clarity of expression
  •  Basic Etiquette
  •  Morals and Values
  •  Learning stage presence and overcoming fear of audience
  •  Focus on developing the 3 R’s of life
    1. Reading
    2. wRiting
    3. aRithmetic
  •  Enhance the value of the 3 E’s taught at school
    1. Education
    2. Environment
    3. Experience

End of Day 1 and Beginning of Day 2

  •  Overcoming communication barriers
  •  Presentation skills and public speaking
  •  Assertiveness Training
  •  Building a positive attitude
  •  Sharpening memory and concentration
  •  Goal setting & the achievement process
  •  Improving self-image and confidence Building
  •  Develop winning strategies
  •  Forming positive habits and character
  •  Overcoming addiction to technology and others
  •  Expressing your thoughts and ideas in a direct and confident manner

End of Day 2

  •  Memory & Mind Management
  •  Effective Communication
  •  Speaking with poise and confidence
  •  Values and Ethics
  •  Goal setting – verbalization, vitalization and visualization
  •  Managing Time and self
  •  Overcoming fear and phobias
  •  Handling stress and examination fear
  •  Assertiveness Training
  •  Innovation and Creativity
  •  Eliminate negative thinking and distractions
  •  Developing Leadership abilities
  •  Excellent Human Relations
  •  Effective Study Techniques
  •  Leaving an impact

For B Schools & Premier Institutions

Campus To Corporate Grooming


“Human capacity is not going to fall short – India has 15 million people coming into the job market every year,”. Most people are qualified but are not employable by any industry!
— Chairman ICICI

Unfortunately, only 25% of those employed in India are actually employable in the first place
– Mercer consulting reports

Our Learning Formula - D.A.D.A
  • – Consulting
  • – Action Planners
  • – Counseling
  • – Training Need Identification (TNI)
  • – Questionnaire
  • – Coaching
  • – Training Interventions
  • – Elearning
  • – Positive Mental Attitude Books
  • – Assessment Centre
  • – Focused GD’s

Rajesh Murthy Training Systems® (Formerly – LEAD Institute of Personal Development®), Bangalore and Hyderabad has been an active player in the field of institutional training for over 21 years in India and abroad. It has operations in more than 4 countries and is a forerunner in Entrepreneurship Development Training.

We have developed various business support materials. The training offerings are structured into four major Practices namely, Leadership, Management Development, Corporate sufficiency modules and Performance Management. Programs are offered at three levels – Freshers, Outgoing, Graduates and beyond.

We believe in empowering people with the right knowledge to improve the overall quality of their lives, academically and personally. Motivation driven delivery is the Differentiator that makes a tremendous EMPOWERING IMPACT on the learning audience.

What can the Campus to Corporate Module do for you?
  •  Outstanding Memory and Mind Management
  •  Increase Self Esteem and Confidence
  •  Greater skill in presenting ideas
  •  Improve Human Relations and Teamwork
  •  Assertiveness Training
  •  Social lifeLearn the art of Public Speaking and Effective Communication
  •  Sweep through your Interviews.
  •  Excel in Group Discussions, Exercise your Debating skills
  •  Setting Goals and exceeding them
  •  Time Mastery
  •  Innovation & Creativity
  •  Develop Leadership Skills
  •  Lead a life of character, values and ethics &
  •  much more…


The unique differentiator is the ‘Motivational Platform’ that sets LEAD programs apart. Connecting with the audience where their core need is identified and a ‘motivating atmosphere’ being created ensures that there are definite participant take-aways.

The Powers of Visualisation, Verbalisation, and Vitalisation are firmly embedded in the delivery. Enriching life skills beyond the ‘Role Skills’ is the end objective.