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Managing Stress without Distress

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December 22, 2019 9:00 AM
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Managing Stress Without Distress

The so-called ‘modern age’ is the era of liberation and progress… life has become easy due to a plethora of conveniences and luxuries, but the other side of the picture is bleak…fast food consumption, sedentary habits, smoking and external factors like pollution and chemical exposure have led to a volcanic explosion in various lifestyle-related diseases and chronic problems leading to a steady deterioration in the well – being quotient of the people. There are reports everywhere on mounting illness and declining quality of life.

In order to counter these issues and help restore optimal health, we offer you a world-class, time-tested workshop that can help you have outstanding health and wellness that is uncommon and unheard of in the outside world.

Program Objectives:

  1. Optimal Health
  2. Outstanding Health and Wellness
  3. Peak Performance Health 24x7x365
  4. Inject Enthusiasm in the workplace
  5. Work Hard, Play Harder
Topic Scope

  • Measure your Level of Stress and identify all the factors that are producing stress in you and nullify them
  • Do this – instantly relax and get rejuvenated
  • Stress, worry & anxiety have nothing to do with the mind! Our mental state is not controlled by our mind. Discover how?
  • Tiredness, boredom and experiencing fatigue are all ‘lies’. Discover why?
  • Eliminate negative thinking, limiting habits from your system.
  • Overcome any fear/phobia, feelings of insecurity instantly
  • Learn two simple yet powerful relaxation techniques that you can practice anywhere, anytime to power you up instantly.
  • The major reason for lack of energy might the low – octane fuel we might be pumping into our bodies, everyday. Avoid it.
  • Experience new freedom from pressure, tension, depression and worries
  • Uncovered – Myths about sleep. How we have conditioned ourselves the wrong way.
  • The Secret to limitless energy
  • The 6 enemies to avoid
  • Little known reasons for taking care of your body
  • The 10 Step workout and more….
Additional takeaways
Emotional Health –

The mind, will, and emotions


Physical Health –

Nutrition, Spiritual Health

What are people saying?

This by far has been one of the most rewarding experiences of any workshop I’ve been to in two decades

Madhuri – HR Professional

What really amazes me is the simplicity the program brings along with it, simultaneously stressing on the immediate application of results

Gurumurthy – L & D Head – Infosys

Make complex things simple, really simple & doable. That’s what Rajesh Murthy is too good at

Ajay Khanna – VP – operations – Samsung India

Miss a holiday if you want to, but not this adventure

Gopinath – Siemens India

How can a workshop attempt to accommodate every area of your life? Impossible. But surprisingly this one dares to do it .

Martin – Bangalore largest property builders

Any program that promises to teach you something 'new' should be challenged. That's the beauty of Rajesh Murthy's workshops. It directly systematizes what you already know and brings it to the forefront.

N. Ravikanth Sharma – IAS

I know I am being blunt, but I can’t help but say this. It really doesn’t matter how many workshops one has been to; this one should undeniably be on their list.

Brigadier Ajay Singh – The Indian Armed Forces.

The sheer brilliance of this workshop lies in its uncomplicatedness. Even an eighth grader can fully comprehend the outlook of everything that’s being said.

Ramesh Ranganathan – AVP – L & T

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Managing Stress without Distress

12,999.00 * Inclusive of Taxes




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