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About the Book

Every single moment in our lives, we have the power to be in action and effectively deal with situations that life throws at us, irrespective of the circumstances.

But, unfortunately, human beings are master storytellers and are good at weaving and dodging things. We are good at making what’s real, unreal, and the unreal, real, thereby complicating our lives. We then, later, begin to live within this make-believe world, trapped in our views and the meanings we self create.

Eventually, when you UNCOMPLICATE things, YOU,

  • Begin to create new possibilities, immensely contribute to the quality of your life, the lives of others, genuinely making a difference.
  • Recognize that the solutions to life’s greatest challenges are remarkably simple.
  • Can be extraordinarily productive by doing less and reclaim over 80 percent of the time spent on lower-value activities.
  • Defeat situations, even if they are tantalizing or troublesome, by choosing what to ignore and what to overlook.
  • Block out specific time to make the contributions that you always wanted to make – REAL.
  • Don’t let worries and concerns have the power to diminish your life; instead, you deal them with ingenuity and control.
  • and much more…

What to expect?

Click on any of the following links below to get a sneak peek as to what to expect in the book. The links lead you to blogs that are short citations from the Book ‘UNCOMPLICATE.’ (All of them are real participant breakthroughs).

Americans perhaps don’t need this; Indians undoubtedly do!

Effective Time Management – There’s no such thing!

Any end to the story is acceptable; this one isn’t!

Preface & Premise

Life in its purest form is simple and uncomplicated. But instead of living an unrestrained, unencumbered, and free life, many of us end up complicating our lives with our own set of ‘truths,’ beliefs, and meanings. But, when we demystify life with profound yet straightforward distinctions, we suddenly begin to realize that each one of us has the power to be something beyond ordinary. By working on a few must-possess traits, we begin to draw new-found power to cause breakthroughs in areas we never thought of possible earlier.

The noblest of pursuits for anyone would be to apply these simple distinctions of personal mastery, thereby Uncomplicating their lives.

The book is divided into two sections. The first one deals with six stellar breakthroughs seminar participants have had in my workshops spanning over two decades. These are personal high – end, one – on – one coaching sessions that took place either right before or immediately after the events they participated. All breakthroughs revealed in the chapters are actual participant discoveries – that life’s most complex things can be uncomplicated by choosing what qualities and attitudes to work on, and what behaviors to disregard.

The second section is about three live seminar insights captured – They are my response to the topic and to the questions asked in the workshops. The last chapter the book wraps up is with my personal story, the author’s breakthrough. The book is deliberately written in a unique simple to read style – It Uncomplicates as you advance reading – The chapters reduce in size, readability, and ease, but the impact remains powerful.

About the Author

Rajesh Murthy is a corporate trainer and a business consultant having more than 22 years of real time industry experience. He works with clients to support their mission, vision & propel their employees and organization performance through training and strategy support. Rajesh Murthy is qualified with a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from The Bangalore University, India and a Post-Graduation in Human Resources and Quality Management. He is a corporate trainer and a strategist of International repute. His real time experience in the areas of self – help, behavior therapy and strategic organizational growth management is the unique value proposition he offers.

His workshops invoke the zest to excel and inspire individuals to give their best. The world class content & high-quality delivery of the training programs he conducts is unique and assures a 100% ‘Return on Investment’ for the clients. He founded the LEAD Institute of Personal Development, Bengaluru, India in 1997; a leadership, consulting and coaching firm that focuses on making Individuals’ and Organizations world – class. The company is now known as RAJESH MURTHY TRAINING SYSTEMS LLP.

His ever-increasing corporate clientele vouch for the customer centric enterprise and activities. The solution are no same for all, he tailor design solutions to match the objectivity of each client & has been successful at it. He works with client organizations through interactions from the top level to derive maximum strategy for organizational growth. His corporate training vertical supports clients with training interactions for the junior, middle and senior layers of the organization in functional and personal skills.

He has personally coached thousands of senior executives and professionals in strategic, Organizational and leadership across functional domains. He also has the unique distinction of having addressed more than 2.5 million people from varied walks of life since 1997 through his Public and In – House programs. He has been a resident of Bengaluru, India for close to 30 years and currently lives in Hyderabad with his wife Harita, son Saharsh and daughter Lakshana. His workshop concentrates on critical areas that determine individual and organizational success.

Table of Contents


Preface vii
Acknowledgments xi
Section 1
Chapter 1 Try Insuring this – No Insurer would! 1
Chapter 2 Americans perhaps don’t need this; Indians undoubtedly do! 41
Chapter 3 A short cut to distinction in life 73
Chapter 4 Effective Time Management- There is no such thing! 97
Chapter 5 Any end to the story is acceptable; this one isn’t. 113
Chapter 6 Nothing in life truly matters if this doesn’t! 125
Section 2
Chapter 7 Questions for Reflection – 1: 137
Chapter 8  Questions for Reflection – 2: 145
Chapter 9  Questions for Reflection – 3: 153
How I raised myself from failure to success in Speaking? (My Story) 153

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