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The World’s Best Train The Trainer Program

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January 26, 2020 9:00 AM
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The World’s Best Train the Trainer Program

Be a superstar of the speaking world.

“The ability to speak is a shortcut to distinction. It puts a person in the limelight, raises one head and shoulders above the crowd. And the person who can speak acceptably is usually given credit for an ability out of all proportion to what he or she possesses.”

― Dale Carnegie

Welcome to the insanely Profitable World of Training

If you possess a unique talent or passion that can be of value to the world, then you qualify to reap in the enormous profits in the training ring. Whether you decide to go into training part-time or full-time, the good news is that you can become part of this profitable business.

Money is there in significant numbers; besides, recognition & fame await you. Yes, the seminar business has its stars too. By choosing to become a trainer par excellence, you will gain attention, respect, and recognition from others. By positioning yourself as an expert in your field, you will become the guru that others begin to admire.

The biggest reward you will reap from the training business occurs on a deeper level. What you will become in the process would be far greater than what you will ever receive. All of us have the capacity to fulfill a deeper purpose, to make a contribution to this world, and to help others enjoy a better life. The training profession offers a direct way to share a part of yourself and to influence the lives of untold many in a positive manner.

Significant Breakthroughs you will create at the end of the World’s Best Train the Trainer Program.

  • Understanding your seminar market
  • Designing a money-making event
  • Myths about training
  • Connecting with your audience at different levels
  • How to choose a topic that hits home each time
  • Creating take away handouts for your audience. How much is good enough?
  • Where to look for content?
  • Creating the most valuable seminar material
  • Digitizing your content & E-learning.
  • Setting your training fee and being unapologetic about it
  • Tapping the power of In – House training programs
  • When and how to do Public/ Open House Workshops?
  • Training – A Part-Time or Full-Time Career?
  • How to start making money today with what you know?
  • Free or No Fee program? Offering your programs with pride.
  • Direct Workshop or a Preview Seminar?
  • Intro Video & demo material?
  • The single most powerful tool to become a trainer. Until you do this, nothing else matters.
  • How to double your profits in a single event?
  • Splashing your name, face, and voice across the world.
  • Social Media – How to leverage the power of it.
  • How much marketing and promotion do you need?
  • Arriving at a social media, branding, and promotion budget.
  • IASB, NSA and other Speaker Bureaus – What promise do they hold for you
  • Being a certified trainer – is it necessary at all?
  • Working with a seminar company. Does it make sense?
  • How do I discover my niche area?
  • Micro specialization – The need of the hour now
  • Exploit the media for free and get paid for it
  • Your website – your identity- What should it contain?
  • Single powerhouse trainer or a training organization
  • Registering your training company
  • Paying taxes and dealing with overheads
  • How to have a full calendar?
  • Managing finances – Creating a personal lifestyle that inspires others to listen to you.
  • Managing debts and running expenses
  • Balancing your family time and me-time
  • Who will get you out of your breakdowns?
  • Allowing the world to see your true intentions.
  • Making a real difference. Leaving a legacy.
  • A Life worth living

It’s Show Time. You are ON!

What are people saying?

This by far has been one of the most rewarding experiences of any workshop I’ve been to in two decades

Madhuri – HR Professional

What really amazes me is the simplicity the program brings along with it, simultaneously stressing on the immediate application of results

Gurumurthy – L & D Head – Infosys

Make complex things simple, really simple & doable. That’s what Rajesh Murthy is too good at

Ajay Khanna – VP – operations – Samsung India

Miss a holiday if you want to, but not this adventure

Gopinath – Siemens India

How can a workshop attempt to accommodate every area of your life? Impossible. But surprisingly this one dares to do it .

Martin – Bangalore largest property builders

Any program that promises to teach you something 'new' should be challenged. That's the beauty of Rajesh Murthy's workshops. It directly systematizes what you already know and brings it to the forefront.

N. Ravikanth Sharma – IAS

I know I am being blunt, but I can’t help but say this. It really doesn’t matter how many workshops one has been to; this one should undeniably be on their list.

Brigadier Ajay Singh – The Indian Armed Forces.

The sheer brilliance of this workshop lies in its uncomplicatedness. Even an eighth grader can fully comprehend the outlook of everything that’s being said.

Ramesh Ranganathan – AVP – L & T

Registrations to the Workshop close at a moment’s notice! Hurry!!!

The World’s Best Train The Trainer Program

24,999.00 * Inclusive of Taxes




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