Rajesh Murthy

The LEADERS Foundation For Seasoned Seniors

Caring For The Old, In A Relatively Young Nation!

Caring for the elderly: a hindrance to our progress or a responsibility & aid to self-development?

The biggest decision many families are faced with is how to care for elders when those elders are no longer able to live independently. Aging and its transition phase is emotional and truly trying times for family members and elders alike. Another sad but true fact is that elder abuse has been largely goes undetected and under prosecuted in India as not all are reported immediately!. Neighbors, friends, aides or anyone who suspect abuse also sometimes turn a blind eye in a nation busy in taking pictures & selfies!

The elder population now close to 140 million and is projected to grow to 324 million, constituting 20% of the total population, by 2050. There are innumerable problems that need to be addressed urgently, particularly those that affect the underprivileged sections the most. Some need immediate intervention by state and central governments. Others, such as elder abuse highlight a national shame that requires both introspection and action from society at large.

For most of us who grew up in the 1970s in large joint families, our grandparents always enjoyed center-stage; they were mostly cared for by their adult children, loved and respected by their grandchildren. In less than five decades, however, we have seen much of this respect for elders wither away. Today, as the number of elderly in India touches 140 million, this figure, however impressive, sadly, gives us no reason to celebrate.

Financial security for the old is under increasing strain throughout India. The result is a hovering old age crisis that threatens not only the elderly but also their children and grandchildren who must shoulder, directly or indirectly, much of the increasing burden of providing for the aged.

Women, particularly widows, who account for a sizable chunk of the older population, need special attention. A lot needs to be done in order to ensure that they are able to lead their lives with dignity, independence and care.

We at the LEADERS FOUNDATION ® (a non – profit organization under Section 8 Company registration), with humility & submission work towards ensuring the basic minimum for these honorable golden-agers.

In a young nation, the old are often invisible. The energy, appeal and glamour of youth often overshadows the listless, frail-bodied lives of old people.

The poor deserve even bigger attention. Barely able to make both ends meet while young, their old age often stares at destitution with almost no financial cushion as their bodies weaken and their children desert them.

India may not have the financial bandwidth to afford like few other countries do; means India’s old will face very difficult days in their last phase of their lives. We can actually do a lot better.

Today, we worry a lot about harnessing the energies of millions of young citizens to ensure that the nation’s progresses like a rocket taking off to the moon. But equally, we must worry about India’s elders who may not have the energy or the voice to make themselves heard. But they need to be listened to.

You can make a difference in the life of a senior too. If you wish to support and participate in making a difference with us; we genuinely appreciate your kind gesture. All contributions are exempted from tax under section 80G.