Rajesh Murthy

Helping People & Organizations Have Performance Breakthroughs®

Rajesh Murthy can be best described as a qualitative, classy, powerful, dynamic speaker, motivator and a trainer par excellence. He has successfully propelled several large organizations to high business growth with his world-class corporate training since 1997. He has empowered scores of individuals to perform at peak levels in their professional and personal lives.

He has enthralled overflowing crowds in his public seminars with his wit, mastery and deep understanding of the science of motivation and personal development. We welcome you to experience Rajesh Murthy live for yourself to strengthen your organization to greater success in the competitive world.

Rajesh Murthy is a thought-provoking, motivating and inspiring speaker that successful corporates think of – to leverage their profits, productivity & performance.

As a human trainer, success coach, educator, motivator and much sought after speaker, Rajesh Murthy’s merits in anybody’s book of records is impressive.

He inspires and motivates individuals & organizations helping them to bridge the gap between what they are and what they can be, thereby taking them to greater heights both in their performance and profits.

His dynamic talk on “Success Secrets” and his powerful ‘LEADERS’ Workshop has dramatically transformed the lives of untold thousands and has helped them unleash the colossal forces of the mind and drive them to greater success in life.

He has addressed more than 2.5 million people from almost all walks of life since 1997. A broad view of the corporates includes many of the Fortune 500 companies and small to medium enterprises and the list goes on…

A wide section of the participants of the powerful and life-changing LEADERS Workshop includes, amongst others, CEO’s, Inner Circle and Decision making heads of businesses, Medical Experts, IT Professionals, Top Government officials and people from every imaginable walk of life.